Welcome to First United Methodist Church Huron, SD
We are following Jesus Christ.  Would you join us?

First UMC is all about JESUS and we are on a mission.  It is our mission to introduce everyone we know to Jesus in order to make a huge impact on lives, in our community and around the world.
We need your help. 

Join us! 

First UMC has a heart for community.  The heartbeat of this church centers around a love for Jesus & a love for people. God uses the people of this church to share in Worship, Bible Study, Service Projects & Events within the community of Huron. We pray this makes a positive impact in the community and within each of our lives.

First UMC is a church home for EVERYONE!  You are welcome here.  Let's get to know each other better!


BelieveFest 2019, August 3 from 9-11am at Buchanan K-1 Center, Huron SD

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Recent Media

07.14.19 - Psalm 51 SERIES 07.14.19 - Psalm 51

"Deep Clean,...Starting Over God's Way"
Pastor Paul Manson

07.07.19 - Psalm 84 SERIES 07.07.19 - Psalm 84

"Would You Rather?...."
Pastor Paul Manson

06.30.19 - Psalm 23 SERIES 06.30.19 - Psalm 23

Pastor Paul Manson

06.09.19 - Christian Myth #4 SERIES 06.09.19 - Christian Myth #4

Myth #4: Everything Happens for a Reason"
Pastor Paul Manson


Summer in the Psalms - Coming June 23!

Psalms is not only found in the center of the Bible but are also found to be practical words of wisdom as a source of comfort & strength.

Christian Myths

Let's reveal God's truth when it comes to some common phrases mislabeled Christian.


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