Welcome to First United Methodist Church Huron, SD
We are following Jesus Christ.  Would you join us?

First UMC is all about JESUS and we are on a mission.  It is our mission to introduce everyone we know to Jesus in order to make a huge impact on lives, in our community and around the world.
We need your help. 

Join us! 

First UMC has a heart for community.  The heartbeat of this church centers around a love for Jesus & a love for people. God uses the people of this church to share in Worship, Bible Study, Service Projects & Events within the community of Huron. We pray this makes a positive impact in the community and within each of our lives.

First UMC is a church home for EVERYONE!  You are welcome here.  Let's get to know each other better! 

Saturday 5:30pm - Chapel Service
Sunday 9:00am - Traditional Worship
Sunday 11:00 ROCK
Sunday School @ 10AM(Sept thru May)


Recent Media

5.12.19 - Mother's Day SERIES 5.12.19 - Mother's Day

Exodus 18:10-11,13-26
Pastor Paul Manson
Theme: "Stress"

05.05.19 - Confirmation Sunday SERIES 05.05.19 - Confirmation Sunday

Pastor Rey Colon
Matthew 7"24-27
"Build Your House on Solid…

4.28.19 - Heart Burn SERIES 4.28.19 - Heart Burn

Luke 24: 13-15
Theme: Road to Emmaus
Pastor Paul Manson

4.14.19 - Message 5 of 5 SERIES 4.14.19 - Message 5 of 5

Mark 1:9-15, 2 Cor. 5:14-19
Pastor Rey Colon
Theme: Wilderness…



Exodus 18:10-11,13-26
Don't Stress God is in control.

Confirmation Sunday

The key to Life of Faith is having a firm foundation in Jesus Christ.


We celebrate the greatest gift ever given, the gift of salvation through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Into the Wild

Do we gain anything from time spent in hard times aka the "wilderness"? How can this help to more fully celebrate the gift of salvation?


 First United 
  Methodist Church