Welcome to First United Methodist Church Huron, SD
We are following Jesus Christ.  Would you join us?

First UMC is all about JESUS and we are on a mission.  It is our mission to introduce everyone we know to Jesus in order to make a huge impact on lives, in our community and around the world.
We need your help. 

Join us! 

First UMC has a heart for community.  The heartbeat of this church centers around a love for Jesus & a love for people. God uses the people of this church to share in Worship, Bible Study, Service Projects & Events within the community of Huron. We pray this makes a positive impact in the community and within each of our lives.

First UMC is a church home for EVERYONE!  You are welcome here.  Let's get to know each other better!


BelieveFest 2019, August 3 from 9-11am at Buchanan K-1 Center, Huron SD

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Summer in the Psalms - Coming June 23!

Explore the middle of our Bible, the Psalms! From generation to generation, the people of God have turned to the Psalms as their source of comfort, strength and direction, The writers of the book of Psalms give us a blueprint for conversations with God about those things that matter greatly to each of us: our battles, heartaches and challenges.

07.14.19 - Psalm 51 SERIES 07.14.19 - Psalm 51

"Deep Clean,...Starting Over God's Way"
Pastor Paul Manson

07.07.19 - Psalm 84 SERIES 07.07.19 - Psalm 84

"Would You Rather?...."
Pastor Paul Manson

06.30.19 - Psalm 23 SERIES 06.30.19 - Psalm 23

Pastor Paul Manson


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  Methodist Church