Huron First United Methodist Church

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Huron First United Methodist Church is in the process of transitioning our Online Account Services from Elexio Online Accounts to Church Teams Online Accounts.   If you currently have an online account through our Elexio Account Services, please click the below Church Teams Logo to set up your account within the new system.  The deadline to transition your account is October 30, 2018.


Step 1   Click ABOVE Church Teams Logo

Step 2   Click Login [top right hand corner]

Step 3    Enter your email address

Step 4   Click "Forgot Password" [top right hand corner]

Step 5   You will receive an email entitled "Request for Password Reset". Click Reset Password

Step 6   Done! You now use these login credential [aka: email & password] to log into your Online Giving Account



To Access your current Elexio Giving please click the Link Below: