KKLC "Panda Bear" Class!

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Panda Bear Classes are for students Four years old by Sept. 1st on the year of enrollment.  They meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 8:30-11:30 AM.  There is a maximum 18 students enrolled in the Panda class. 

The children are busy learning so much in this year!   We focus on ways to help them:

  • Increase student’s self-awareness
  • Encourage interactive play and cooperative learning behaviors
  • Expand student’s ability to listen
  • Enhance student’s attention span
  • Develop self control and confidence
  • Introduce problem-solving techniques
  • Promote language development
  • Strengthen student’s ability to identify colors, numbers, letters and shapes
  • Promote reading readiness through the use of the Zoophonics curriculum
  • Allow for exploration in math, science, music, and movement
  • Know Jesus loves them, will never leave them, and wants to be their friend