The United Methodist General Conference will be coming to Minneapolis in 2020. The Dakotas-Minnesota Area is asking the Local Church (That’s Us!) to come together to help provide hospitality for this conference.  Every delegate from around the world will be greeted with a handmade scarf.  That’s where WE come in!


We are invited to join the project with other United Methodists from Minnesota, North Dakota & South Dakota to help knit or crochet 10,000 purple scarves. This is being called the Lydia Project, after Lydia in Acts 16.


Contact the church office if you are interested in participating in this project.  We are asked to inform the Conference how many scarves we anticipate to provide from Huron First, so we want to be sure to include your scarves in our pledge.  


More information is also available on the Dakotas Conference Website including scarf requirements, specifications and optional patterns. Click Below.